Journal Articles by M. Safayani

M. Safayani and M. T. M. Shalmani
Two-Dimensional Heteroscedastic Feature Extraction Technique for Face Recognition
Computing and Informatics, 30(5), 965-986, 2012
M. Safayani and M. T. M. Shalmani
Matrix-variate probabilistic model for canonical correlation analysis
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, 2011, 1-7, 2011
M. Safayani and M. T. M. Shalmani
Three-dimensional modular discriminant analysis (3DMDA): A new feature extraction approach for face recognition
Computers \& Electrical Engineering, 37(5), 811-823, 2011
M. Khademi, M. H. Kiapour, M. Safayani, M. T. Manzuri, and M. Shojaei
Facial Expression Representation and Recognition Using 2DHLDA, Gabor Wavelets, and Ensemble Learning
arXiv preprint arXiv:1004.0378, 2010
M. Khademi, M. Safayani, and M. T. Manzuri-Shalmani
Multilinear Biased Discriminant Analysis: A Novel Method for Facial Action Unit Representation
arXiv preprint arXiv:1004.0517, 2010

Conference Papers

M. Safayani and M. T. M. Shalmani
Heteroscedastic multilinear discriminant analysis for face recognition
2010 20th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2010
M. Safayani and others
Extended Two-Dimensional LDA for Efficient Face Representation and Recognition
SCIS \& ISIS SCIS \& ISIS 2008, 2008
M. Safayani, B. Babaali, M. M. Shalmani, H. Sameti, and S. Khaleghi
Compensation of Channel and Noise Distortions Combining Maximum Likelihood based Spectral Subtraction and Normalization
2007 IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications, 2007
H. Badakhshannoory, M. Safayani, and M. T. Manzuri-Shalmani
Using geometry modeling to find pose invariant features in face recognition
2007 International Conference on Intelligent and Advanced Systems, 2007
M. Safayani, H. Sameti, B. Babaali, and M. M. Shalmani
An efficient multi-band spectral subtraction method for robust speech recognition
2007 9th International Symposium on Signal Processing and Its Applications, 2007

Technical Reports

M. Khademi, M. H. Kiapour, M. Safayani, and M. T. Manzuri
Facial Expression Representation Using Heteroscedastic Linear Discriminant Analysis and Gabor Wavelets