Mohammad Behshad Shafii

Sharif University of Technology August 2006-Present:

 Courses taught:
Undergraduate: Fluid Mechanics I, Heat Transfer I, Heat Transfer II and fundamentals of measurements and instrumentation systems
 Graduate: Convection Heat Transfer and Optical Diagnostic Techniques in Fluid
 ITT Industries’ Space Systems Division (ABI Project), August 2005-August 2006:

 • Developed thermal solutions for complex electronic cooling problems for ABI (Advanced Baseline Imager satellite) microprocessors. CAD-Thermal Desktop software was extensively utilized.
 • Developed thermal models for aft optics stages and telescope detectors. Thermal solutions were proposed to control and hold the stages at cryogenic temperatures.
 • Developed thermal models for OPS (Optical Port Sunshield) and Carried out thermal analysis to investigate temperature variation of the OPS in different orbits.
 Turbulent Mixing and Unsteady Aerodynamics Laboratory, Michigan State University, Research Assistant, 1/2001-8/2005:

 • Research on Fluid Diagnostic Techniques such as: Temperature Measurement Using Laser Induced Fluorescent (LIF), Molecular Tagging Velocimetry (MTV) technique, Molecular Tagging Velocimetry and Thermometry (MTV&T) and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV).
 • Obtaining temperature maps of the ammonium chloride solution during solidification process by improving and using the LIF technique.
 • Investigating the effect of the size and the arrangements of the nucleators on the solidification process of the ammonium chloride solution.
 • Air velocity measurement inside the engine cylinders using MTV technique.
 • Surface temperature measurement of turbine blades using LIF technique.
 Phase Change and Heat Transfer Laboratory, University of Connecticut, Research Assistant, 1/1997-2000:
 • Worked on phase change heat transfer in Heat Pipes.
 • Manufactured Un-Looped and Looped Pulsating Heat Pipes.
 • Developed a numerical solution to predict the rate of heat transfer in Looped and Un- looped Pulsating Heat Pipes.
 • Investigation of Capillary Blocking in Forced Convective Condensation in Horizontal Miniature Channels.
 • Developing a Phase Change Subroutine for Fluent Software.