Working Papers

  1. A Modified PSO to Solve the Redundancy Allocation Problem of Series-Parallel Systems, Submitted.
  2. Two Tuned Meta-heuristics for a Vendor Managed Inventory Model of Economic Production Quantity with Fuzzy Demand: The Consignment Stock Case, Submitted.
  3. A Multi-Objective Common Reliability-Redundancy Optimization Problem for Series-Parallel Systems with Multi-Failure Conditions and Choice of Selecting Suppliers, Submitted.
  4. A Bi-Objective Multi-Layer Facility Location Model for Congested Systems: A Simulation Approach, Submitted.
  5. Fuzzy Rule-Based Extraction Using Harmony Search Algorithm for Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Submitted.
  6. Vendor Managed Inventory of Multi-Product Single-Vendor Multi-Buyer Supply Chain under Multi-Constraint EOQ Model with Shortage, Submitted.
  7. A Storage Re-Location Approach in Location-Allocation Problem of a Four-Echelon Supply Chain Network Design (In Farsi), Submitted.
  8. A Practical Approach for Facility Layout Design in Changing Environments of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Submitted.
  9. A Bi-Objective Dynamic Facility Layout Problem in Manufacturing Systems: A Queuing-Based Approach, Submitted.
  10. A Multiproduct Imperfect Production System on EPQ Model with a Hybrid Solution Method of Derivation and GA, Submitted.
  11. A Multi-product Single Machine EPQ Model in an Imperfect Production System, Submitted.
  12. Improved Image Segmentation Using a Hybrid Fuzzy C-Means Based on Evolutionary Algorithms, Submitted.
  13. The Maximal Covering Location Problem with Different Facilities, Set-up Costs, and Transportation Modes: Modeling and Solution, Submitted.
  14. Modeling and Optimization of Four Level Integrated Supply Chain with Multi-Stage Products and Production Time Capacity Constraints, Submitted.
  15. Fuzzy Vendor Managed Inventory of Multi-Product Single-Vendor Multi-Buyer Supply Chain under Multi-Constraint EPQ Model with Shortage: An Iranian Automobile Supply Chain, Submitted.
  16. A Bi-Objective Inventory Model to Minimize Cost and Stock-out Time under Backorder Shortages and Screening, Submitted.
  17. A Green and Energy-Aware Fuzzy Vendor Managed Inventory of Multi-Item Multi-Constraint EOQ Model under Shortage, Submitted.
  18. Modeling and Optimization of a Four-Level Integrated Supply Chain with Stochastic Constraints: An Interior Point Method, Submitted.
  19. A Bi-objective Two-echelon Newsvendor Optimization Problem with All-Unit and Incremental Discount Policies under Budget Constraint: Three Tuned Meta-heuristic Algorithms, Submitted.
  20. The Design of a Bi-Objective Integrated Production-Distribution Network with Stochastic Demand, Submitted.
  21. A Bi-Objective Preemptive Multi-Project Scheduling Model under Multi-Skilled Workforce for Sustainable Energy Usage, Submitted.
  22. Different Channels of Remanufacturing in Closed-Loop Supply Chain by Considering Quality Level, Carbon Footprint and Return Policy under Technology Licensing, Submitted.
  23. A Machine Learning Classifier Integrating Fuzzy Rule-Based Extraction and Hybrid Harmony Search: Medical Diagnosis Application, Submitted.
  24. Robust Monitoring of Simple Linear Profiles in Multistage Processes, Submitted.
  25. Unrelated Parallel Machine Scheduling with Machine Processing Cost, Submitted.
  26. Reliability analysis of 1-out-of-n cold-standby systems under imperfect switching. Submitted.
  27. GLM-based control charts under repetitive sampling, Submitted.
  28. A vibration damping optimization algorithm to solve flexible job shop scheduling problem with reverse flows. Submitted.
  29. Pricing decisions in a closed-loop supply chain with coordination using a revenue sharing contract under government carbon tax: a game theoretic approach, Submitted.
  30. Dynamic social network monitoring: A statistical approach considering community modularity matrix, Submitted.
  31. Redundancy allocation for components having fuzzy random reliability, Submitted.
  32. Reliability analysis of a two-unit cold standby redundant system with dependent components, Submitted.
  33. Reliability analysis of a cooking oil production line, Submitted.
  34. A k-NN method for lung cancer prognosis with the use of a genetic algorithm for feature selection, Submitted.
  35. An artificial neural network meta-model for solving semi-expensive simulation optimization problems: A comparative study, Submitted.
  36. A new multi-criteria model for facility location with perishable items in green supply chains, Submitted
  37. A novel robust possibilistic programming approach for the hazardous waste location-routing problem, Submitted.
  38. Comparative performance analysis of the computational intelligence-based algorithms for optimizing competitive facility location problems, Submitted.
  39. A sustainable urban water portfolio management model under uncertainty: A case study, Submitted.
  40. Correlation-augment naïve Bayes (CAN) algorithm: a novel Bayesian method adjusted for direct marketing, Submitted.
  41. Monitoring image-based processes using a PCA-based control chart and a classification technique, Submitted.
  42. Supply-demand urban water portfolio planning using a hybrid robust-stochastic optimization approach, Submitted.
  43. A data-driven robust optimization algorithm for black-box cases, Submitted.
  44. Pattern recognition in financial surveillance with the ARMA-GARCH time series model using support vector machine, Submitted.
  45. Optimization of a multi-product supply chain model: a metamodel-based robust simulation-optimization approach.