Working Papers

  1. A Modified PSO to Solve the Redundancy Allocation Problem of Series-Parallel Systems, Submitted.
  2. Two Tuned Meta-heuristics for a Vendor Managed Inventory Model of Economic Production Quantity with Fuzzy Demand: The Consignment Stock Case, Submitted.
  3. A Multi-Objective Common Reliability-Redundancy Optimization Problem for Series-Parallel Systems with Multi-Failure Conditions and Choice of Selecting Suppliers, Submitted.
  4. A Bi-Objective Multi-Facility Location-Allocation Problem with Probabilistic Customer Locations and Arrivals: Two Meta-Heuristics Using Discrete Approximation, Submitted.
  5. A Bi-Objective Multi-Layer Facility Location Model for Congested Systems: A Simulation Approach, Submitted.
  6. Fuzzy Rule-Based Extraction Using Harmony Search Algorithm for Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Submitted.
  7. Vendor Managed Inventory of Multi-Product Single-Vendor Multi-Buyer Supply Chain under Multi-Constraint EOQ Model with Shortage, Submitted.
  8. A New Multi-objective Integrated Production-Distribution Planning Model for a Multi-Echelon Supply Chain Network Design: A Novel Pareto-Based Approach, Submitted.
  9. A Storage Re-Location Approach in Location-Allocation Problem of a Four-Echelon Supply Chain Network Design (In Farsi), Submitted.
  10. A Practical Approach for Facility Layout Design in Changing Environments of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Submitted.
  11. A Bi-Objective Dynamic Facility Layout Problem in Manufacturing Systems: A Queuing-Based Approach, Submitted.
  12. Cost Estimation of Spherical Storage Tank Manufacturing Using Artificial Neural Networks, Submitted.
  13. A Multiproduct Imperfect Production System on EPQ Model with a Hybrid Solution Method of Derivation and GA, Submitted.
  14. Financially Embedded Facility Location-Allocation Decisions on Designing a Supply Chain Network Structure, Submitted.
  15. A Weighted K-Means Clustering Approach to Optimize the Reliability Redundancy Allocation Problem, Submitted.
  16. Bi-objective Optimization of the Joint Replenishment Problem in a Two-Echelon Supply Chain: NSGA-II and NRGA, Submitted.
  17. A Multi-product Single Machine EPQ Model in an Imperfect Production System, Submitted.
  18. A Binary-Continuous Invasive Weed Optimization Algorithm for a Vendor Selection Problem under a Multi-Sourcing Strategy, Submitted.
  19. A Knowledge-Based Genetic Algorithm for a Fuzzy p-hub Center Problem in a Transportation Network, Submitted.
  20. Improved Image Segmentation Using a Hybrid Fuzzy C-Means Based on Evolutionary Algorithms, Submitted.
  21. Modeling and Solving a Bi-Objective Joint Replenishment-Location Problem under Incremental Discount: MOHSA and NSGA-II, Submitted.
  22. The Maximal Covering Location Problem with Different Facilities, Set-up Costs, and Transportation Modes: Modeling and Solution, Submitted.
  23. A Bi-Objective Aggregate Production Planning Problem with Learning Effect and Deterioration: Modeling and Solution, Submitted.
  24. Modeling and Optimization of Four Level Integrated Supply Chains with the Aim of Determining the Optimum Stockpiles and Period Length: Sequential Quadratic Programming, Submitted.
  25. A Single-Retailer Multi-Supplier Multi-Product Inventory Model with Destructive Testing Acceptance Sampling and Inflation, Submitted.
  26. Modeling and Optimization of Four Level Integrated Supply Chain with Multi-Stage Products and Production Time Capacity Constraints, Submitted.
  27. Fuzzy Vendor Managed Inventory of Multi-Product Single-Vendor Multi-Buyer Supply Chain under Multi-Constraint EPQ Model with Shortage: An Iranian Automobile Supply Chain, Submitted.
  28. Product Acceptance Determination through Decision Tree under Resampling, Submitted.
  29. Remedial Measures to Lessen the Effect of Imprecise Measurement with Linearly Increasing Variance on the Performance of the MAX EWMAMS Scheme, Submitted.
  30. A Bi-Objective Inventory Model to Minimize Cost and Stock-out Time under Backorder Shortages and Screening, Submitted.
  31. A Green and Energy-Aware Fuzzy Vendor Managed Inventory of Multi-Item Multi-Constraint EOQ Model under Shortage, Submitted.
  32. Preemptive Multi-Skilled Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem with Hard and Soft Interval Due Dates, Submitted.
  33. A Robust Optimization Approach for Multi-objective, Multi-product, Multi-period, Closed-Loop Green Supply Chain Network Designs under Uncertainty and Discount, Submitted.
  34. Modeling and Optimization of a Four Level Integrated Supply Chain with Stochastic Constraints: An Interior Point Method, Submitted.
  35. A Multi-objective Invasive Weed Optimization Algorithm to Optimize Multi-server Intermodal Hub-Location-Allocation Problems in Congested Systems, Submitted.
  36. A Bi-objective Two-echelon Newsvendor Optimization Problem with All-Unit and Incremental Discount Policies under Budget Constraint: Three Tuned Meta-heuristic Algorithms, Submitted.
  37. An Energy-efficient Framework for Preemptive Multi-skilled Project Scheduling Problems with Time-Of-Use Energy Tariffs, Submitted.
  38. A Bi-objective Resource Investment Problem under Multi-skilled Resources with Different Levels of Energy Usage; Two Ant Colony Optimization Approaches, Submitted.
  39. Cold Standby Renewal Process Integrated with Environmental Factor Effect for Reliability Evaluation of Multiple Autonomous Robot Systems, Submitted.
  40. Principal Component Analysis-Based Control Charts Using Support Vector Machines for Multivariate Non-normal Distributions, Submitted.
  41. An Effective and Simple Algorithm to Solve a Discrete Multi-product Economic Production Quantity Problem, Submitted.
  42. Phase-I Monitoring of Log-linear Model-based Processes: A Case Study in Health Care, Submitted.
  43. The Gardener Problem with Reservation Policy and Discount, Submitted.
  44. Importance Analysis Considering Time-Varying Parameters and Different Perturbation Occurrence Times, Submitted.
  45. Optimizing a Multi-item EOQ Problem with Imperfect Items, Inspection Errors and Backorders: Interior-Point, Grey Wolf, and Moth-Flame Optimization Algorithms, Submitted
  46. A Fuzzy ANP-based SWOT for Ceramic and Tile Industries: A Case Study, Submitted.
  47. The Design of a Bi-Objective Integrated Production-Distribution Network with Stochastic Demand, Submitted.
  48. A green closed-loop supply chain with pricing strategy and quality level under hybrid remanufacturing, Submitted.
  49. Different Channels of Remanufacturing in Closed-Loop Supply Chain by Considering Quality Level, Carbon Footprint and Return Policy under Technology Licensing, Submitted.
  50. Integrated Production and Procurement for a Multiperiod Multi-product Inventory Problem with Machine Assignment and Warehouse Constraint, Submitted.
  51. A Multi-objective Nonlinear Programming Model for Reliability Maximization of Production Systems with Automated Guided Vehicles.
  52. Optimal determination of the locations of blood collection centers: a case study in Zanjan province of Iran.
  53. Multi-Objective Green Scheduling in Parallel Machine Environments.
  54. Modeling and solving a sustainable closed loop supply chain problem with pricing decisions and discounts on returned products.