Working Papers

  1. A Modified PSO to Solve the Redundancy Allocation Problem of Series-Parallel Systems, Submitted.
  2. Two Tuned Meta-heuristics for a Vendor Managed Inventory Model of Economic Production Quantity with Fuzzy Demand: The Consignment Stock Case, Submitted.
  3. A Multi-Objective Common Reliability-Redundancy Optimization Problem for Series-Parallel Systems with Multi-Failure Conditions and Choice of Selecting Suppliers, Submitted.
  4. A Bi-Objective Multi-Facility Location-Allocation Problem with Probabilistic Customer Locations and Arrivals: Two Meta-Heuristics Using Discrete Approximation, Submitted.
  5. A Bi-Objective Multi-Layer Facility Location Model for Congested Systems: A Simulation Approach, Submitted.
  6. Fuzzy Rule-Based Extraction Using Harmony Search Algorithm for Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Submitted.
  7. Vendor Managed Inventory of Multi-Product Single-Vendor Multi-Buyer Supply Chain under Multi-Constraint EOQ Model with Shortage, Submitted.
  8. A New Multi-objective Integrated Production-Distribution Planning Model for a Multi-Echelon Supply Chain Network Design: A Novel Pareto-Based Approach, Submitted.
  9. A Storage Re-Location Approach in Location-Allocation Problem of a Four-Echelon Supply Chain Network Design (In Farsi), Submitted.
  10. A Practical Approach for Facility Layout Design in Changing Environments of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Submitted.
  11. A Bi-Objective Dynamic Facility Layout Problem in Manufacturing Systems: A Queuing-Based Approach, Submitted.
  12. A Multiproduct Imperfect Production System on EPQ Model with a Hybrid Solution Method of Derivation and GA, Submitted.
  13. Financially Embedded Facility Location-Allocation Decisions on Designing a Supply Chain Network Structure, Submitted.
  14. A Weighted K-Means Clustering Approach to Optimize the Reliability Redundancy Allocation Problem, Submitted.
  15. Bi-objective Optimization of the Joint Replenishment Problem in a Two-Echelon Supply Chain: NSGA-II and NRGA, Submitted.
  16. A Multi-product Single Machine EPQ Model in an Imperfect Production System, Submitted.
  17. A Binary-Continuous Invasive Weed Optimization Algorithm for a Vendor Selection Problem under a Multi-Sourcing Strategy, Submitted.
  18. A Knowledge-Based Genetic Algorithm for a Fuzzy p-hub Center Problem in a Transportation Network, Submitted.
  19. Improved Image Segmentation Using a Hybrid Fuzzy C-Means Based on Evolutionary Algorithms, Submitted.
  20. Modeling and Solving a Bi-Objective Joint Replenishment-Location Problem under Incremental Discount: MOHSA and NSGA-II, Submitted.
  21. The Maximal Covering Location Problem with Different Facilities, Set-up Costs, and Transportation Modes: Modeling and Solution, Submitted.
  22. A Bi-Objective Aggregate Production Planning Problem with Learning Effect and Deterioration: Modeling and Solution, Submitted.
  23. A Single-Retailer Multi-Supplier Multi-Product Inventory Model with Destructive Testing Acceptance Sampling and Inflation, Submitted.
  24. Modeling and Optimization of Four Level Integrated Supply Chain with Multi-Stage Products and Production Time Capacity Constraints, Submitted.
  25. Fuzzy Vendor Managed Inventory of Multi-Product Single-Vendor Multi-Buyer Supply Chain under Multi-Constraint EPQ Model with Shortage: An Iranian Automobile Supply Chain, Submitted.
  26. Product Acceptance Determination through Decision Tree under Resampling, Submitted.
  27. A Bi-Objective Inventory Model to Minimize Cost and Stock-out Time under Backorder Shortages and Screening, Submitted.
  28. A Green and Energy-Aware Fuzzy Vendor Managed Inventory of Multi-Item Multi-Constraint EOQ Model under Shortage, Submitted.
  29. Preemptive Multi-Skilled Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem with Hard and Soft Interval Due Dates, Submitted.
  30. A Robust Optimization Approach for Multi-objective, Multi-product, Multi-period, Closed-Loop Green Supply Chain Network Designs under Uncertainty and Discount, Submitted.
  31. Modeling and Optimization of a Four Level Integrated Supply Chain with Stochastic Constraints: An Interior Point Method, Submitted.
  32. A Multi-objective Invasive Weed Optimization Algorithm to Optimize Multi-server Intermodal Hub-Location-Allocation Problems in Congested Systems, Submitted.
  33. A Bi-objective Two-echelon Newsvendor Optimization Problem with All-Unit and Incremental Discount Policies under Budget Constraint: Three Tuned Meta-heuristic Algorithms, Submitted.
  34. An Energy-efficient Framework for Preemptive Multi-skilled Project Scheduling Problems with Time-Of-Use Energy Tariffs, Submitted.
  35. A Bi-objective Resource Investment Problem under Multi-skilled Resources with Different Levels of Energy Usage; Two Ant Colony Optimization Approaches, Submitted.
  36. Cold Standby Renewal Process Integrated with Environmental Factor Effect for Reliability Evaluation of Multiple Autonomous Robot Systems, Submitted.
  37. Principal Component Analysis-Based Control Charts Using Support Vector Machines for Multivariate Non-normal Distributions, Submitted.
  38. Phase-I Monitoring of Log-linear Model-based Processes: A Case Study in Health Care, Submitted.
  39. The Gardener Problem with Reservation Policy and Discount, Submitted.
  40. Importance Analysis Considering Time-Varying Parameters and Different Perturbation Occurrence Times, Submitted.
  41. Optimizing a Multi-item EOQ Problem with Imperfect Items, Inspection Errors and Backorders: Interior-Point, Grey Wolf, and Moth-Flame Optimization Algorithms, Submitted
  42. A Fuzzy ANP-based SWOT for Ceramic and Tile Industries: A Case Study, Submitted.
  43. The Design of a Bi-Objective Integrated Production-Distribution Network with Stochastic Demand, Submitted.
  44. A green closed-loop supply chain with pricing strategy and quality level under hybrid remanufacturing, Submitted.
  45. Different Channels of Remanufacturing in Closed-Loop Supply Chain by Considering Quality Level, Carbon Footprint and Return Policy under Technology Licensing, Submitted.
  46. Integrated Production and Procurement for a Multiperiod Multi-product Inventory Problem with Machine Assignment and Warehouse Constraint, Submitted.
  47. Optimal determination of the locations of blood collection centers: a case study in Zanjan province of Iran, Submitted.
  48. A Fuzzy Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Control Chart to Monitor Process Mean.
  49. A Risk-Averse Location-Protection Problem under Intentional Facility Disruptions: A Modified Hybrid Decomposition Algorithm.
  50. Multi-objective reliability optimization of job shops with automated guide vehicles: A non-dominated sorting cuckoo search algorithm.
  51. Modeling and solving a sustainable closed loop supply chain problem with pricing decisions and discounts on returned products.
  52. Modeling of Iranian Blood Transfusion organization structure: an accelerated stochastic Benders decomposition.
  53. Bi-Objective Green Scheduling in Uniform Parallel Machine Environment.
  54. Bi-Objective Unrelated Parallel Machine Scheduling with Machine Processing Cost.
  55. A Machine Learning Classifier Integrating Fuzzy Rule-Based Extraction and Hybrid Harmony Search: Medical Diagnosis Application.