Entrance Exam Information for Graduate Studies in Computer Engineering in Iran

Last update: 26/12/88

This page has mainly been created to help the colleagues who are asked to design problems for this exam, to suggest new questions that are unsimilar to those appeared in previous exams. We well know that some students are aware of all old questions, specially those who attend different "doping" classes, but some other students and specially some problem-designers are unaware of this information. So, this page is to alleviate this discriminating situation.

The information here has been provided by Sanjesh and I have been authorized to do this.
M. Ghodsi

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Exam Contents

Here are the courses used in the exams: Common areas for all fields and special topics for each area.
Note: the number of tests for each item is subject to change by the authorized committee. The numbers shown are for 1387 exam.


Correct Keys (announced by Sanjesh)

Key Corrections (done after reviewing all objections received)

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