PhD Thesis


1. Bahar Firoozabadi, (1998)

Numerical investigation of the structure of density currents in a two dimensional channel.



2. Nima Amanifard, (2003)

Investigation on the modal characteristics of rotating-stall with a variable-cascade-length approach in an axial compressors.



3. Amir. Hassan. Kakaee, (2004)

Inverse two dimensional heat conduction with moving boundary using finite element method.



4. Behnam Hosseini Beheshti, (2005)

Aerodynamic seal of tip leakage flow in a transonic axial compressor



5. Hamid Fazeli, (2005)

Determination of aerodynamical characteristics of wrap-around-fin configurations



6. Farid Babadi (2005)

Heat and mass transfer in film absorption flowing over cooled horizontal tube



7. Sorena Sattari (2006)

Stolen heating and cooling energy evaluation in residential buildings



8. Ramin Roshandel (2008)

Investigation and simulation of innovative methods to enhance PEM fuel cell performance.



9. Maryam Fani (2009)

Optimization Pulp and Paper Process in Order to Save Energy, Fuel and Capital Investment



10. Mohmad Heydari (2010)

An inverse problem method for overall heat transfer coefficient estimation in a partially filled cylinder



11. Reza Maddahian (2012)

Modeling of flow field and separation efficiency of a deoiling hydrocyclone using Larg Eddy Simulation



12. Askan Abdali (2014)

Effect of Decision Variables in the Steam Section for the Exergoeconomic Analysis of TCCGT Power Plant