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A- Dissertations of Ph.D. Student

  • Naghavi, M.R., "Tracking Two-Phaze Interface during Condensation on a Curved Surface".

  • Azadi, E., "Employment of Compact High-order Finite Difference Method to Analysis in Two-Phase Flow ".

  • Ahmadi, "Modeling of Transient Flow in Two-Phase Flow with Incremental Differential Quadrature and Godunov Methods"

  • Mortazavi, Seyed M.R, "Droplet Moving on Hydrophobic Surface".

  • Shafiei Ghazani, A., "Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer of Two-Phase Flow in a Duct with Variable Cross section".

  • Erfanian Nakhchi Toosi, M., "Modeling of Transient Flow in Two-Phase Flow with Incremental Differential Quadrature and Godunov Methods".

  • Tabatabai,S.I., "Thermohydraulic analysis of High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor with Porous Media Method", April 2015.

  • Sarikhani, N., "Mathematical Modeling of Thermophysical Properties for Solid Elements".

  • Kebriaee A., "Investigation of Flow inside the Pressure Swirl Atomizer", Ph.D Thesis, Sharif University of Technology, January 2011.

  • Ziaei-Rad A., "Numerical and Experimental Studies of Heat Transfer Effects on Flow Losses in Compressible Pipe Flow", Ph.D Thesis, Sharif University of Technology, Summer 2009.

  • Noghrehabadi, A.R., "Numerical Simulation of Local Non-Thermal Equilibrium Model in Porous Media, Ph.D Thesis, Sharif University of Technology, March 2007.

  • Lavasani, A.M., " Air Flow and Heat Transfer Measurement Around a Cam-Shaped Tube", Ph.D  Thesis, Islamic Azad University, Science and Science Branch, September 2007.    

  • Layeghi, M., "Numerical Analysis of Concentric Annular Heat Pipes Performance", Ph.D Thesis, Sharif University of Technology, March 2006


B- Theses of M.Sc. Students

  • Biranvand, S. Fall 2017.

  • Zeraatpisheh, M., Fall 2017.

  • Naghdloo, A. Fall 2017.

  • Sepahi, F., "Turbulent Modeling of Two-Phase Flow in Porous Materials", Fall 2016.

  • Pourmohammadi, P., "Simulation of Drillingof Oil Wells using Drift-Flux Model, Azad University", South Tehran Branch, Fall 2015.

  • Grami, M., "Numerical Investigation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer between Two-Concentric Cylinders with Inner Rotating", September 2015.

  • Inanlo, S.,  "Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in the Entrance Region of a Partially Filled Porous Pipe", M.Sc., Thesis, Spring 2017.

  • Seyyed-Hashemi, M.H., "Modeling of Fluid and Heat Transfer in a Partially Filled Porous Channel with wall Suctions", September 2013

  • Varzideh, M., Modeling of Liquid-Vapor Two-Phase Flow through Nozzles, September 2013.

  • Sajadian, A., Stability Stratified Two-Phase Flow by Chebyshev Collocation Method, October 2013.

  • Raissi, P. An Analytcal Study of PEM Fuel Cell:, January 2013.

  • Masoudi, A. Development  of a Control Volume Scheme  with Overlap Mesh,  M.Sc. Thesis, Winter 2011.

  • Jedi, Reza, Comparison and Improvement of Free Surface Modeling in Moving Mesh, M.Sc. Thesis, Winter 2011.

  • Gohardehi, S., Determination of Equilibrium Condition Criteria in Forced Convection Porous Channel, M.Sc. Thesis, Winter 2010.

  • Ebrahimi, B., Direct Numerical Solution of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Porous Channel, M.Sc. Thesis, Winter 2010.

  • Harati, M.A., Numerical  Analysis of Annular Two-Phase Flow in Horizontal Tubes, M.Sc. Thesis, Winter 2010.

  • Sadeghi, A., Numerical Solution of Turbulent Flow in Micro channels Entrance, M.Sc. Thesis, Fall 2009.

  • Yavari, H., Experimental Study on Two-Phase Flow Characteristics in Micro channels., M.Sc., Thesis, Fall 2009.

  • Radd-Nassab, B. Numerical Simulation of Natural Gas Flow in Pipelines, M.Sc., Thesis, Spring 2008.

  • Emam-Zadeh, M., Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Air Cooled Condenser of Power Plan Cooling Tower, M.Sc., Spring 2008.

  • Motaghian N., Experimental Study of Natural Convection from a Tube Bundle in a Pool, M. Sc.Thesis, Feb. 2008.

  • Ebrahimi A., Simulation of Two-Phase Flow in a Horizontal Tube Under Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics, M. Sc. Thesis, Feb. 2008.

  • Ahmadi R., Experimental Study of Onset of Nucleate Boiling in Annular Flow, M. Sc. Thesis, December 2006.

  • Tabatabaei E., Experimental Study of Critical Heat Flux in Research Reactor, M. Sc. Thesis, December 2006

  • Mahdavi-Far, J, Experimental Study of Turbulent Flow Between Rotor and Stator During Start Up, M. Sc. Thesis, November 2006.

  • Mehdizadeh S., Heat Tranfer in Vessels and Liver Tissue, M. Sc. Thesis, July 2006

  • Farsad, E.,"Dynamic Simulation of Absorption Cooling System During Start-up", M.Sc. Thesis, January 2006.

  • Mehdizadeh-Tehrani, S., "Heat Transfer in Living Tissue", M.Sc. Thesis, Aug. 2006.

  • Hashemian, A., "Pressure Drop Measurement in an Axisymmetric Sudden Expansion", M.Sc. Thesis, March 2006.

  • Saber, F., "Sensitivity Analysis of LiBr-Water Absorption Cycle", M.Sc. Thesis, March 2006.

  • Fathi, A.R., "Simulation of Indoor Air Flow Natural Convection", M.Sc. Thesis, Jan. 2006.

  • Kebriaee, A., "Numerical Simulation of Droplet Formation in Condensation Process", M.Sc Thesis, Nov. 2005.

  • Nazari, M., "Numerical Solution of Non-Thermal Equilibrium Forced Convection in Porous Media", M.Sc. Thesis, Sept. 2005.

  • Nabovati, A., "Numerical Simulation of Transient Ice Formation of Turbulent Flow in Circular Pipes", M.Sc. Thesis, Nov. 2005.

  • Hanafizadeh, P. ,"Effect of Diameter to Length Ratio on Thermosyphon Performance", M.Sc. Thesis, Jan. 2005

  • Hashemi-Amin-Abadi, A., "Numerical Simulation of Liquid-Vapor Flow with Phase Change", M.Sc. Thesis, Nov. 2005.

  • Manafi, R.,  "Air Venting from Cavity in High Pressure Die Casting", M.Sc. Thesis, Jan. 2004.

  • Oskuie, A.B., "Numerical and Experimental Determination of Optimization Shape of Air Heater", M.Sc. Thesis, Nov. 2003.

  • Falavand-Jozaei, A., "Effect of Gas Velocity on Water-Wall Tube Heat Flux in a Power Plant Boiler", M.Sc. Thesis, Dec. 2001.

  • Jafarnia, A.R.,"Numerical Solution of Turbulent Heat Convection Over Rough Surfaces", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Amini,G.,"The Influence of Interfacial Shear Stress Between Two Phases on Heat Transfer in a Stratified  Co-Current Flow,", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Farahmanzad,H., "The Influence of Evacuated Space Between Glass and Absorber on Performance of a Solar Collector", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Sattari, S., "The Influence of reheating Air on Performance of a Natural Draft Cooling Tower", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Salehi,F., "Critical Heat Flux of Laminar Flow Through Subchannels of Rod Bundles", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Mosavi, S.J., "Boiling Heat Transfer in Vertical and Horizontal Tubes", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Eyzadi,F., "The Influence of Wall Heat Conduction on Condensation in Annular Flow", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Fasyhzadeh,A., "Effects of Ambient Conditions on a Cooling Tower Performance", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Saghafi, H., "Conjugate Boundary Layers with Wall Heat Conduction", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Karbasi,H., "Unsteady Turbulent Compressible Flow in a Nozzle", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Javadinezhad, S.R.,"A Computer Programming for the Thermal Hydraulic Calculations of Small Breaks in a Vessel", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Taheri-Shahraeini,A.R., "Thermal Analysis of the Steel Bins", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Etedalizadeh, M.A., "Analysis of Radiation Heat Transfer in Boilers", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Firooz,A.H., "Determination of Temperature and Thermal Stress of a Turbine Rotor due to the Friction Between Blade's Tip and Casing", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Ayani,M.B., "Analysis and Determination of Skin Friction and Nusselt Number of  a Supersonic Flow Over a Cone", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Soltani-Hoseini,M., "Review of Equation of State and Determination of Viral Coefficient for Two-Phase Fluids", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Solymanian,M., "An Analysis of Natural Convection Boundary Layer Solutions' Methods on a Vertical Flat Plate", M.Sc. Thesis.

  • Shojaei, F., "Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer in a Horizontal one Side Insulated Tubes", M.Sc., Thesis.

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